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India is an agricultural country. More than half of the population lives in villages. These villages are engaged in some urban areas. Some are located in remote areas inside too many jungles. The villages that are engaged in the city are losing their identity due to modernity and the glare of development. And with the increase of the prices of the land and the problems of animals, theft, and labor in agricultural activities, eventually they are moving forward in other businesses by avoiding agriculture. Due to which agriculture is becoming a business of profit in such areas, loss is being done. Similarly, tribal’s living in villages or in the traditional forests are also not able to earn much profit for themselves by doing full agriculture based agriculture. But their limited needs, cost etc. are all low, so their home family is doing well. But as the children of 2 families go to the cities due to study and other reasons, they do not return to the farming business. At present, the Prime Minister has prepared a detailed action plan for skill development program, so that he can be prepared to live in the village to do agricultural related businesses, which will lead to economic prosperity in the villages and promote agriculture.

Continuous efforts are being made to bring the people's attitude towards agriculture at the government level and to bring them in the related business related to agriculture or agriculture. It prominently shows that opportunities should be made available to the rural youth in the villages for the agriculture and agricultural related businesses, by which they are motivated to work for the upliftment of the villages and the farmers by adopting agricultural related occupations. Farmers' income should be increased from agricultural and agricultural-based businesses.

In keeping with all these things in mind, we should make available information, guidance and training to the rural youth through internet and computer, for doing agriculture and agriculture business through portal.